Two Hearts One Love.

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Thanks for visiting and reading this blog. Actually, I'm not the owner of this page, I'm just the soul of hers that wanna write about how deep are her sincerity and loyalty and I bet another girls also do have those feelings but idk if it were as much as hers. To see, to know, to talk, to meet and to love her are my pleasures. The first time we contacted, there's nothing we know about each other much less than ourselves do. I know there's less chance for me to tackle her and to win her heart but I became more confident when she started to say that she would accept me if I was really serious with the relationship. Then, we further our relationship, day by day we're getting closer, build up our compassionate and we shared almost everything in every single moment that we had together. Alhamdulillah, we've been together after 1year and 4months declared. No declaration is meaningful without toleration in every hardships and circumstances comes towards us, but she really gives me a thousand wings and moons to pull me up to stand and face the realities. So, that I won't give up. Friends, the point is not you have a partner or not but it is more important for you to be more serious with the relationship, if you can't make it then make sure you prepared yourself first. That's what I've learnt from her, she is the best partner all of my life. Together we started it, together we live it. There's nothing I hope besides having this life that I can keep nearer with her to protect her and give her the best of my kinds. No border in this world, wherever we are Suhaiza, I'm not that far from you. Last but never 'll be least I just wanna say that I love you. Thanks for giving this chance to write on your blog. :)

Just me,

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  1. woot...woot...naqi sweet... cik jaja & din...

  2. wooott~~ your English is super duper kot, naqi~ the best of luck for your IELTS bro.


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