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Assalamualaikum and hi readers, 

Nampak tak tajuk tu siap Capslock lagi? hiks, so here i am. 

Actually, i always think about to start a make up collection, muahaha look like buang tebiat sikit lah cikja ni. then, sesaje explore website yang jual make up and end up dengan zalora. 

Banyak lagi barang make up yang penting but why i choose to post about lipstick? sebabnya itu main point untuk make up, the best lipstick make you look confident and of course lebih ehemm, malu nak cakap. cantik. hahahaha.

So, pilihan cikja. Matte Lipstick.

3 reasons to adore matte lipstick.

Matte lipstick has been undeniably popular due to that sexiness appeal it gives to women. It is not hard to love the beauty piece. If you are one those women who has yet to try a matte lipstick, there are three reasons on why you should. Some people think that matte lipstick products tends to be a bit dry on the lips but knowing the right application technique helps. For the potential users of matte lipstick, let’s check out the reasons below. You will definitely fall in love with them.

  1. Easy Application

Due to its dry texture, it is easy to swipe on your lips as it will not get smudged off easily compare to the normal lipsticks you use. However, always make sure your lips are healthy and moist as cracked lips will not make matte lipstick look nice on you. Put on some lip balm to en the lips surface and apply the shade of matte lipstick of your choice.

2..Natural Looking

This is the best reason since natural make up lagi cantik dari make up tebal tebal. People will sometimes mistake it for your true lip colour especially if you wear on a nude or pinkish shade. Choose any light matte lipstick shade to get that natural touch easily and still maintain pretty as ever.

3Glam up! *hahaha aci lah reason ni kan?*

If you are looking for a quick touch for a glam up appearance, matte lipstick will do the trick. Why? It adds that stunning charm which can quickly enhance your face. You do not need a professional to help you do your makeup. Simply swipe a tint of matte lipstick on nicely to match your whole fashion look and step out with confidence. Look poised and elegant without having to retouch your lips. Such a win-win situation.

too mainstream kalau letak gmbr cikja, hahahah

first post in my blog about make up, oh sorry actually focusing on lipstick. and i hope that there will be more post on this as reference for future :p

p/s : sikit sikit lama lama jadi bukit. so start dengan lipstick dulu and matte lipstick always be my fav :p


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  1. cantiknya blog done folo, folo me back k :) http://acuyuhan.blogspot.my/

  2. huarghhhh lawanya kaler lipstick diaaaaa.

  3. Yes!! Siqah pun suka matte lipstick jugak. Sekarang mata ke matte lipstick je dah :D

    Btw, Siqah follow sini #246. Salam perkenalan Su :)


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