kita nampak baik sebab Allah tutup aib kita

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*ni post since may haritu tp baru dapat publish* :)

Assalamualaikum readers,

Short update from me. Now i'm officially 22. oh sorry maybe late update since my birthday was in April. i just keep reading some posts either in Facebook or blog and so on. it is all about getting old, married, become a mother.

i just don't know what feedback or reflection that i should make till 25 may 2015. that was a reminder from Allah or else. On that day, 3 of my friends lost their family. perasaan time tu bercampur.

lately, my wall (fb) penuh dengan berita kahwin. sana sini kahwin. then bukak ig sana sini gambar lovey dovey dengan partner. pastu hati terdetik, O Allah, is it ujian or dugaan for me? siapa yang xnak disayangi. ye dak? then someone ask me about boyfriend. Oh my Allah, hati ini masih belum kuat. and i just want to say something. can i say my heart is for someone who really deserve it. not for any people who just want to try? *and i actually really meant it*

yes, different people with different tests and i know it. and this maybe one of my ujian. tengah tengah buat reflection diri then terpandang buku husnul khatimah dekat rak buku then i realized that, apa jadi kalau aku mati sekarang? pastu teringat content dalam buku tu yang Ya Allah sentap habes, macam mana kalau tengah tengah buat jahat or perkara xelok then kita meninggal kat situ? people keep judge you are the best girl/daughter or last your life end up with the bad thing? O Allah, matikanlah aku dalam keadaan husnul khatimah.

macam mana kita nak meninggal dalam solat kalau solat pun tak pernah ?
 *paling deep dalam buku tu T_T *
tu salah satu contoh and relate kan dengan situation kita sekarang.

p/s : kita nampak baik sebab Allah tutup aib kita *always remind myself about that*.


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